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The Book of Clouds - You are the Sky

For this book I have taken photos of sky and clouds and put them together with words.

My intention is to offer experience of the spaciousness that comes

as we observe thought and emotion passing by.

Ourselves as sky and thought and emotion as clouds.

As we become the observer, our relationship with thought and emotion changes and

we become aware of spaciousness itself.

The great spiritual teachers throughout the ages have offered a core teaching.

That teaching is that we already Are that which we seek.

As we move into observing thought and emotion,

the spaciousness that arises is able to offer what we seek.

Ourselves as we truly Are...............................Remembered at last

The book measures approximately 19 cm x 15 cm and has approximately 50 pages (sample pages below)

The cost per book is $20 + $ 5 postage and handling.

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The Book of Clouds


"Jane's Book of Clouds is such a gift to me. A profound offering of Wisdom and Grace where I can simply turn to a page and in an instant everything is back in its rightful place. A tool to remember who I am and the expanse of Divinity in each moment. A reflection of the teacher that Jane is. Thank you."

Bev, Vermont South, Vic

"The Book of Clouds' is a wonderful and uplifting series of photos and sayings from the heart. I love just opening to any page and seeing how the image and words speak to me. It's beautiful for any time but if ever feeling a bit stressed or just needing to wind down, taking a few minutes out to sift through, and think about the big wide world and all it's wonder puts things back in perspective. Truly lovely."

Kylie, Brunswick, Vic

"I was lucky enough to obtain a copy of the initial print run of 'The Book of Clouds - You are the Sky'. I could say I have read it many times, but it would be more correct to note that I taken the time to sit quietly and experience it many times. The combination of images and verbal offerings, covering the whole of the human spiritual event, make this book unique in the world of printed material. It is, ultimately, a gift from the author's heart to yours. It is one of the few books that, in its deceptive simplicity, is transformational when the reader allows it to be. Don't miss it."

Cloudy, Perth W.A.

"This book is an encouraging personal resource for me as I attempt to keep "balance " in my life. A quiet place to retreat to! I am most grateful to Jane for her gentle wisdom."

Jan Huggins. Yarragon, Vic

"When we look up and really see the wonder of the skies, with their ever changing cloud formations, we can glimpse the truth - we can be one with this universe and connect with the spaciousness that reminds us of our eternal nature. Jane's beautiful photographs of the skies provide the inspiration for her poetry. Each page is unique and thought-provoking. Each poem guides you to let your thoughts and emotions resonate with the skies. There is a special stillness to be found in this book. I keep it close, so I can remember who I really am."

Deborah Bromley, Hypnotherapist, UK

"One always comes back to self; this is the message I take from Jane's beautiful book. All we need we already have within us and all we seek is already there. Jane reminds us to be still and simply be and find what is truth; to recognise what we thought we needed.

I love the idea that I can open this book whenever I am questioning and I find wisdom that is relevant to me at the time. I read a gentle reminder to reconnect with myself with Jane's loving suggestion to become a quiet, still observer. Loving power and wisdom lay within - we don't need external forces to heal. Jane's insight if powerful and carries great strength and loving reassurance. We are enough."


"This book is filled with the beauty & gentleness that is so much a part of Jane. The pictures of the sky are stunning, and the words that accompany each picture are filled with layer after gentle layer of meaning & depth. She gently leads to look within, to expand your awareness into infinity, to enjoy simplicity & oneness with everything around you Universally. A wonderful book to have on the coffee table for everyone to be able to leaf through the pages & receive what ís offered in such a loving way. A rare find that is suitable for every age group. I hope everyone gains as much as I did from this wonderful book, filled with messages & wisdom."

Julie Greensmith, Crystal Ocean, Yarragon, Vic

"From the first moment I held & looked through "The Book of Clouds - You are the Sky" I felt a sense of Calm & Peace within. As I glanced through the pages, I came to understand that every page was instilling more Peace within me, as if it has been interwoven within each picture. I do believe the author has captured the essence of Stillness within these pages & they act as an energetic portal to a place within ourselves where this already exists & reminds us of who we already are. A Beautiful Gift for anyone, and especially for Self. Thank you."

Doreen, Croydon, Vic

" 'The Book of Clouds - You are the Sky' by Jane Jacobs is one of those rare books that when held and opened continues to offer so many wonderful delights through both the words and the images ... as if the link between the pages and the 'holder' is unified in a flow of just what is needed in that moment. Jane's expression and imagery fills the mind and heart with a gentle ripple of energy that brings that knowing 'ah ha'."

Kiri, Rowville 

"This little book is a journey into stillness. It is an invitation to remember the spaciousness of peace that is present behind the activity of our thoughts and feelings. With gentleness and the upmost respect for the Wholeness in each of us, Jane offers us a place to rest, a gift of Spirit that beckons us to BE."

Savarna Wiley, Santa Cruz CA USA

“This book is such a gift, a calm oasis from the busyness of life, replenishing and nurturing those who hold it...perhaps spending time with just one page or immersing themselves from cover to cover.

Jane’s beautiful photos and her purest of words, gently blend in an alchemistic flow, allowing for that which is already present to quietly and simply be Remembered...”


"The Book of Clouds - You Are the Sky came into my life at a time of struggle. I would often find myself looking through it's pages when I needed extra support & strength, & Jane's warmth & wisdom would come through & help me find peace & strength to get through each challenge."

Natasha, Melbourne

"The Book of Clouds – You are the Sky can help humanity come home to its soul’s eternal nature, both individually and collectively. The presence of this book in any setting would be a reminder of the innate calm, peace, and restfulness found within. What about life and our lives might be different should we know ourselves to be as the ever-present sky, “The stillness in the change?” What aspects might be renewed as with the cyclical nature of clouds? Jane’s book is an exquisite expression of a perennial philosophy which involves observing thought and emotion come and go without attachment or judgment. The beautiful union of her photographs and writing foster the awareness that we are unconditionally loved, held and supported, and simply being is a wondrous gift; all truths bestowed by Life itself."

Elizabeth, U.S.A